The most time-efficient prospecting on the market

Tölve is the prospecting tool you and your salespeople really need. Save precious time and avoid exploring the traditional way. We have gathered all Nordic companies in one platform and supplemented it with 35 types of decision-makers and their contact details.

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Why should you choose us?

Streamline your sales organization

Tölve is created by salespeople for sellers to streamline sales organizations and their exploration work. But with the help of our platform, you can easily find new ways to reach out to new potential customers.

With our platform, you will find all Nordic companies in one place.
We combine data from the Swedish Companies Registration Office, and other Nordic authorities with our own data on decision-makers and their contact details.
Process your prospects on different approaches through our platform.

Save 2 hours and 57 minutes a day!

A B2B salesperson and meeting bookmaker spends an average of 3 hours a day on prospecting and new customer processing. With Tölve you do the same work in 3 minutes. What are you waiting for?

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Get the best out of your sales organization

Tools to help your salespeople in everyday life

With the help of Tölve, you can make your salespeople's everyday lives easier. Everything from finding new prospects quickly and smoothly, getting in touch with the right decision makers to easily transferring company data to your CRM.

About the platform
Icon for all Nordic companies in one place

All Nordic companies in one place

In our database you will always find up-to-date company data directly from all companies in the Nordic region.

Icon for over 100,000 decision-makers

100k+ contact details for decision-makers

We work daily to add new contact information to over 35 different types of decision-makers.

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The right data in the right place

Integrate your CRM with Tölve and always have the right data in the right place. Fast, smooth and easy.

More features

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Email Campaigns

Send email campaigns directly to the right decision makers.

Integrated Diealer Icon

Integrated dialer

All customers have access to our integrated dialer, which in turn is connected to your phone.

The amazing results experienced by our customers

Tölve is a user-friendly, affordable and functional system that complements and fits our sales organization very well. Abilidade to customize unique prospectus lists and the availability of a clear and easy follow-up were key features that our organization was looking for, and here Tölve delivers on all levels.

Photos of Johan from Netmine
John Plachcinski
Sales Manager

Tölve is great because it is easy to scout customers and create ring lists. We also like the ability to be able to call and email directly through the system. An additional plus for good training of the tool when it would be implemented.

Image from Jonas at Uniflex
Jonas Nilsson
‍Uniflex Staffing

Tölve greatly simplifies our exploration by allowing us to add our best customers and get suggestions for new prospects similar to these. We quickly receive information that allows us to find contact details for the right decision makers and inspiration for other ways of contact. This means that Tölve saves us a lot of time in exploration.

Photo by Mathias at SalesonomicsPicture of Jenny Wilsons
Mathias Harenstam

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