Tölve makes
sales smarter

Hunting for leads is probably how your sales team
spends most of their days. With Tölve they get
the time to sell.

The best leads

Tölve is the future of sales prospecting, bringing you the best leads tailored for your company.

Tölve finds the leads by using smart algorithms paired with the most advanced sales AI, Bisnode Large Business Directory and 1000+ financial variables. And the best part? You don’t have to care about any of this, the leads just keep coming.

Almost too easy


Import your CRM data to Tölve with one click, you can also import multiple data sets if you sell different products.

Tölve magic

Tölve will compare your company and clients to a vast pool of data sources using complex algorithms. Sit back and relax.

Sell smarter

The results is a curated list of sales leads tailored for your business or you as a seller.
Start selling!

Information you need

No more googling for leads.
Tölve has all the information you need.

Financials, company updates, social media and more, your team has instant access to the data needed to make the right decisions for every lead.

Increase your sales efficiency up to 30%

For all your sales

Easily set up and manage your sales

With Tölve you can upload multiple CRM datasets and easily switch between them as you need. No matter what you sell, or who you sell to: Tölve will find you the best leads.

Smarter by the minute

The more you use Tölve the smarter it gets

Every input makes Tölve smarter. Tölves Artificial Intelligence always learns and continuously improves. For every customer you gain, for every potential customer you find and even for the ones who end up being the wrong ones. All leads become better.

Trusted by the best

Want to see how Tölve can help your sales team?

We at Tölve value personal approach more than anything else. Please leave your contact details and we will be happy to reach out and present you with answers.