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Through Tölve, you filter out your ideal customers based on the key metrics that are important to you. With a database of over 100,000+ decision makers, your salespeople save 2 hours and 57 minutes a day on exploration work.

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Get the best out of you sales organization with the help of us

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Company data

In our database you will find legal and financial data for all companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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Contact details

Linked to the companies and their data in Tölve you will also find 100,000+ direct contact details for 35 different types of decision makers.

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News Feed

View news feed about interesting companies and follow their journey. Everything from whether they launch a new website to whether they change the board.

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Email Campaigns

Create lists of your ideal customers based on our company data and decision makers. Create an email campaign and get hotter leads.

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Integrated dialer

With our integrated dialer, you don't have to manually enter phone numbers. Connect your number to Tölve and start calling.

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Send ready-made SMS using Tölve. In our platform, you can create and have SMS templates for quick mailings.


Find your ideal customers

In a simple way, you can find the right company and the right decision makers to contact. By using our 30 filters, you can pick the right spot among over 1.8 million companies and find the decision maker you're interested in.

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Get direct contact information

Once you have found the right company and the right decision-makers you want to contact, Tölve has what you need. You can either use an interactive email campaign or just call the decision-maker's direct number. You choose the one that best suits your sales process.


Not just KPIs

Tölve helps you not only to keep track of your activity KPIs, but also to be able to analyze which companies and decision-makers you interact best with. Instead of processing many different segments, Tölve will be able to help you process those segments with the greatest potential.

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Email Campaigns

All roads lead to Rome

With the help of an interactive email campaign, you can easily generate hotter leads. Create sequences and follow-ups. Use dynamic fields to make your mailings more personal.

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